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Living Hope Women’s Ministry “Living Hope” exists for the purpose of helping women immediately upon release from prison. Women who are accepted into the ministry must desire to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ and make healthy choices which will allow them to live productive lives.

Upon discharge from prison, the Living Hope participant is met at the gate and provided with an outfit to wear out. The process begins of supporting her for up to a year after release. Each lady’s individual needs are addressed for her spiritual, physical and emotional growth. This includes, but not be limited to, affordable housing in a safe Christian environment with her own bedroom and bathroom, a clothing closet to begin building a wardrobe, assistance in obtaining food stamps as allowed by DHS, transportation to her parole officer and all DOC appointments, assistance in making payment plan arrangements for court fines and restitution costs, obtaining necessary ID’s, writing a resume, job searches and securing full time employment, and training in financial matters, including budgeting and debt reduction. The participant receives medical care if needed. Assistance in overcoming and living free from past struggles is essential and, therefore, she is seen by a Christian counselor. Living Hope provides transportation to appointments, work, and required programs. When needed assistance in walking through the process of reinstating a driver’s license is provided.

Reunification with children is important and, although children are not allowed to live with the women, children are encouraged to spend time with their mother at the house and invited to be a part of some of the activities. When family can be a positive, healthy influence and support it is strongly encouraged.

An intimate relationship with Jesus Christ is the only way to find hope and victory in overcoming the issues of the past and maturing to make positive choices for tomorrow. Church attendance, Bible study, and daily time in the Word and prayer are important for inner transformation. Living Hope provides the structure, accountability, support, mentoring and love that is needed to find “living hope”.  

Since 2008 Living Hope has assisted 33 women coming out of incarceration; of those only two have returned to prison.  In a state with a recidivism rate of 78% we think that is pretty amazing!

An application may be requested six months prior to release or parole hearing:

Living Hope Women’s Ministry
P. O. Box 22564
Oklahoma City, OK 73123